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AVG Free Anti-Virus Protection - AVG Free Anti-Virus Protection - This is an excellent quality free anti-virus software soultion. Features include: AVG Resident Protection. AVG Email Scanner. AVG On-Demand Scanner. Scheduled Tests. Free Virus Database Updates. Automatic Update feature. Easy-To-Use Interface. Automatic Healing of infected files. AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files. Here, you can get your free copy of the AVG Anti-Virus - AVG Free Edition - and you will be able to use it without any limitations for the life of the product. You can also download free updates to get the latest program virus databases. The AVG Free Edition is fully featured anti-virus software. AVG is frequently updated with new virus definition files and the operation of this powerful free anti-virus software is transparent and seamless. FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE.


  Other FREE Anti-Virus Products to consider:


  AntiVir Personal Edition for Windows 9x / Me XP and NT / 2000 FREEWARE - AntiVir Personal edition is free.


  Avast! Free Antivirus Software - Another free Anti Virus software.


  Clam AntiVirus for Windows Freeware - AntiVirus softesre for Windows/ Has the familiar Windows user interface which should ensure it gets used.


  Clam AntiVirus Freeware


  F-PROT FREE The classic antivirus software - FProt is a very old (in Internet terms) and respected anti-virus solutions provider. They still make available a free anti-virus tool which runs under the DOS operating system - all Microsoft Windows systems should support this.


  EWIDO Security Suite Freeware Version - Ewido free anti-virus software.


  vCatch Basic Free Anti Virus Software - A basic version anti-virus program here.


  BitDefender Free Anti Virus Software - Bit Defender AntiVirus Free.





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